Margaret and Robert St John at a Metamorphosis Senimar in Dublin 1996.


It's not about me

I was fortunate to have known Robert St John, the creator of Metamorphosis. He presented many seminars here in Ireland and the UK which I attended from 1992 to his last one in late October 1996 just a week before he passed away on the 1st of November of that year.

My husband Peter was very supportive, looking after our two young children over many weekends, to give me the opportunity to attend seminars to gain knowledge of the self healing practice and philosophy.  At that time he was experiencing less migraine headaches with his everyday practice of Meta, and was keen for me to learn more from Robert as he reaped the benefits from regular treatment and his practice of the Hand Symbols.

We both practiced Metamorphosis with the children, and every pain, upset or problem was dealt with creatively and resolved more objectively with Meta. One day in 1995, I decided to clear out my medicine cupboard, and all the medications were out of date. We were using Meta instead of meds for our problems and our symptoms, and by that time Peter was free of migraine, I was free of chronic neck pain. 

As a young woman when I worked as a general nurse, I attended the physiotherapy department of the hospital regularly for temporary relief of neck pain. Prior to discovering Metamorphosis I got symptom relief from Reflexology, Acupuncture etc, but with Meta its about freeing the block which is the cause of the symptom. My enthusiasm grew as I felt so well, and began to practice with my extended family and friends. My Reflexology practice faded into the background as I introduced the Hand Symbols and found myself spontaneously practicing Metamorphosis.

A year after Robert's death in 1997, a good  friend organised a seminar for me to teach Metamorphosis to the parents of physical handicapped children. I enjoyed sharing the gift of Metamorphosis and have been teaching it here and abroad ever since.

Since 1992 I have introduced the practice and philosophy of Metamorphosis to many people who have made positive creative change in their lives. Through the practice of Metamorphosis in everyday life we can be free of unconscious blocks or disturbances which manifest in mental, physical, emotional and behavioural symptoms. 

Remember Metamorphosis is not about me, it is about you, and what you can do with the practice to create balance and live a healthy creative life.