Depression and Suicide

The wife of a very depressed man booked a Meta appointment for her husband about two years ago. She had seen positive change in her friend who had suffered from depression and her friend recommended Meta. When the woman contacted me she was very anxious about her husband that he might end his life. The woman and her grown up family were on constant guard.

The man arrived for his first treatment withdrawn and at a low ebb. He remained silent and uninterested during the treatment and I explained the principles of Meta and introduced the Hand Symbols. Following the treatment he looked brighter and asked questions about the hand symbols and seemed eager to practice them. I encouraged him to do the Symbols often in his daily life, sitting in his house, lying in bed, in the car at traffic lights etc. I informed him that Meta is not about the symptom of depression, but the block or unconscious stress which is the source of his depression. His interest in the Hand Symbols gave me hope for him as he left following his first treatment.

 His progress was gradual and positive and he attended for a Meta treatment once a week. His Doctor noticed a change of attitude and began reducing his medication after a couple of months. By this time he was sleeping better and getting up earlier. His thoughts of suicide were less and his practice of the Hand Symbols were now a positive habit. He was "living in the moment" more and whenever he caught himself in negative thought, he did the Creation Hand Symbols which he said always gave him positive focus. He was taking responsibility for his depression and had more clarity of mind. His Doctor observed his progress and continued to reduce his medication. His family were happy with him as the tension and anxiety left the house, he was up and on the move and they no longer needed to keep vigilant. He was going away for weekends with his sons fishing, and his wife's anxiety was lifting as she enjoyed time out with her daughter.

The man's wish was to continue Meta treatments with me once a week, as he valued the support and the education in the philosophy. I taught him how to treat himself and he treated his head and hands every day. His progress was wonderful and one day when he arrived for treatment, he told me that the previous year he did not answer the phone to his friends when they wished him to play golf. "This year Margaret, I have planned a golf outing and invited all my friends who I avoided during my depression days. After only one year doing Meta I am now creating my life rather then planning my death."

This balanced man is now very busy, back helping in the family business, enjoying his grandchildren, walking, fishing, golfing. He now attends once a month for a Meta treatment, and the chat is all about the positive creative things he is doing. He is an independent free person now, but likes to keep in touch as he gets the catalystic support on his self healing journey.

If you are suffering from depression or have suicidal thoughts, Meta is a positive creative way to address the fundamental source of the depression. You may wish to refer to the Hand Symbols page and practice them regularly for yourself. If you are interested in finding a Meta catalyst in your area, you may e-mail for information on the Contact us page.