Work Stress and Hypertension.

 I was out walking in the glorious sunshine recently, when I observed a lady who looked familiar walking towards me with her dog. She looked younger and more energetic then I had remembered. As she approached me smiling we naturally embraced, delighted to catch up, as she had come to me for regular Meta treatments some years earlier.

When we first met in 2009, she was on medication for high blood pressure for the previous 10 years. She was then in her mid fifties and was overwhelmed with stress at work and was deeply concerned because of a family history of stroke and heart attack.

She approached Meta with an open mind and a desire to create balance, having seen positive change in a colleague at work. The colleague was a student of mine who recommended her to contact me and she had already introduced her to the Hand Symbols. Initially she attended for Meta treatment once a week and the Hand Symbols became her regular everyday practice. At work she began to catch herself in moments of stress doing the Creation Hand Symbols. As she was living more in the ‘moment' she was observing the conflict at work from a more objective point of view. She was taking things less personally and the balance she was creating changed the stressful moments to more creative ones. Her Doctor gradually began to reduce her medication, as he observed a reduction in her blood pressure and noticed she was more at ease, eventually after about eleven months she was free of her blood pressure meds.

The key to her success is that she took responsibility for her imbalance. She began to 'live in the moment' with her practice of Meta and was no longer controlled by stress at work. She attended Meta seminars with great enthusiasm to understand and practice Meta for herself and introduce it to her family.

Before we parted to continue our walk in opposite directions she mentioned,"I have never looked back Margaret, I appreciate Meta and practice it every day.The stress in my life has increased since I first came to you for Meta, but my attitude to it has changed. I am more light hearted and less fearful of disease. My new attitude enables me to maintain normal blood pressure”.

Robert St John used to say "the proof of the pudding is in the eating".The lady tasted the food and enjoyed it.