Jake’s premature birth

On the first of June 2012 baby Jake was born three months prior to his due date, which was to be the first of September.

At 2am on that Friday morning as my husband and myself lay sleeping in our holiday hotel in Portugal, my mobile rang. It was my daughter calling us from St Thomas’s Hospital in London. She was in distress as her waters had broken and the doctor’s expressed concern that the baby had a very slim chance of survival. He was growth restricted due to limited placenta function and was only twenty-six weeks gestation. A caesarean section would be necessary and the consultants were reluctant to do such major surgery because of the small size of the baby, which was now showing signs of distress.

When my mobile rang I sat up in bed as my daughter cried, “Mum, I want to have my baby”. My heart sank for my beautiful daughter who had rested on her couch for two months following a bleed at eighteen weeks to give her baby the best chance for life. She did the Creation 2 Hand Symbol over the baby bump as well as treating the baby directly by placing her hand on the bump every day while resting. I had practiced midwifery in my younger life and could see it from the medical point of view as the doctor’s and midwives observed the distress in the baby’s heart monitor. However, I was now living life from the Meta point of view, which is living in the ‘moment’. Meta enables us to be creative rather then fearful in stressful situations. I suggested to my daughter to ask the medical people to leave the room to give her and her husband time to do Meta and the Creation Hand Symbols, to create calm and balance and release the fear.

Needless to say, my husband and myself did the Symbols as we awaited a call back. Just about twenty minutes later my daughter rang and informed us that the heart beat was stronger. The Creation Hand Symbols had helped her with the fear and anxiety and she sounded at ease and more positive. The caesarean section was scheduled for later that day. My daughter did the Creation Hand Symbol all through the caesarean section. There was a big team in the theatre for the delivery and to the surprise of all attending, little baby Jake was delivered 600 grams (1lb 3oz), he was strong and determined and the ventilator was removed after just twenty minutes.

There is no doubt that the love and Meta support that Jake got from his loving parents while he was in the womb and prior to his delivery resulted in his successful caesarean section birth. The great care and dedication by the medical staff supported his physical life. He had many challenges in the first weeks of his life, including abdominal surgery, which the surgeon said one in five babies die. Due to an infection, which caused the wound to breakdown, Jake had a second surgery ten days after the first one and recovered well.  Finally, a couple of weeks prior to his discharge on the seventh of November he had a third reversal surgery and has been strong and healthy at home ever since.  

The constant Meta treatments by his parents and family, gave this tiny being the strength to go on to give us all the joy we now experience in his company. Jake is now a happy, thriving, active Meta baby. He entertained all the guests at his first birthday on the first of June this year and it was a very happy day.

I have had the privilege to treat many pregnant women in my practice over the years and have seen the sense of calm and well being they experience during their pregnancy and childbirth. My daughter advised me to suggest to all pregnant women who practice Meta to do the Creation 2 Hand symbol and do direct treatment on the bump regularly during pregnancy. By being in the ‘moment’ you can have a creative outcome to the most difficult and traumatic experiences.