Bullying / Inner Authority

A young boy of six years was having fun playing football with his friends in front of his house. An older ten year old boy who had previously verbally upset him, arrived and started to intimidate him. The young boy ran in to his home and when his parents noticed he was upset, enquired about his problem. His dad was annoyed that an older boy had interrupted his play and mentioned to his son that he would go out and speak to him. The boy replied, “no dad that will make things worse”, then he turned to his mother saying, “mum I need a Meta treatment”.

The mother immediately left the lunch preparation, sitting down to treat her son, who requested a foot treatment. Following the treatment the boy said, “thanks mum, when is lunch ready”? then she heard the hall door close behind him. The parents went to the front window to observe their son continue to play happily with his friends. They saw that the older boy looked puzzled that the little lad had returned to play following his verbal attack. That was the end of the problem, resolved by the six year old child who had a knowing that Meta would enable him release his anxiety.  

That young boy had an inner intelligence to resolve the conflict himself, which is what Metamorphosis is all about. When we take responsibility with Meta for our own imbalance, whether it is, too much sensitivity in the Afferently oriented or, too much force in the Efferently orientated, the imbalance can be resolved fundamentally and therefore permanently. The young boy is now a young man, who has a strong inner authority.

Metamorphosis is a creative way of life for parents and children. Problems can be resolved by the child with the parent as his catalyst.