Abuse And Disturbed Memory

Abuse whether it is verbal, physical or sexual, creates a disturbing memory in the lives of those who suffer it, inhibiting their creativity in life.

In my experience of being a catalyst for abused people over the years, I have seen many people erase the memory of their disturbed past. 

Recently, a woman attending my practice encouraged me to write this blog about her sexually abused childhood and the creative effect of Metamorphosis. “People should be aware she said, that Meta is not about analysis and advice. I did all that over the years in therapy, trying to control my thoughts and discipline my mind. Nothing I tried created in me the independence and authority I now have with Meta. I no longer wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat with nightmares and I am overcoming anxiety and depression. I lost all innocence and trust as a small child, but with my Meta I do not have to suffer its effects.  Margaret…. I am free, I no longer identify with the memory of my disturbed past.”

Robert St john used to say, “the disturbed memories of life are minor to the disturbances of the gestation period, the trouble in gestation is minor to the disturbance registered at conception but, the unconscious negative pre-conception stress (beginning of time) is major source of trouble (block) in our lives.” It is the source of repeated disturbed patterns through time.

The woman is now in her early 40’s, beginning to live a life of freedom from the effect of her childhood and life in general. Metamorphosis gave the woman the opportunity to address the block or true source of her troubles. She no longer identifies with the pattern and is more at ease and creative. She hopes her story will help others to create permanent freedom from repeated disturbed patterns with Meta.