Chronic Back Pain. (Manifestation of a block)

A woman I treated regularly about 7 years ago attended my practice recently. She had continued to practise Metamorphosis but due to considerable challenges in her life at present, she decided to seek the support of a catalyst again.

We both recalled the success she created with Meta in the past, when we discussed the time we first met. The woman suffered chronic back pain and was scheduled to undergo back surgery in the hospital where she worked. She was very resistant to surgery but as she had suffered constant pain and missed so much work time, she decided to go ahead with it. She was also suffering from the side effects of analgesic medication.

Her open mind and enthusiasm to self heal was ideal for Metamorphosis success! On the months leading up to her surgery date she noticed she needed less pain relief as her back pain eased. Her work attendance improved and she was enjoying a better quality of life. 

The day before her surgery she arrived for a Meta treatment prior to her hospital admission. She was very hesitant about undergoing surgery due to her progress. However, she had doubts about maintaining her balance *(Afference and Efference) and that if her back problem returned, the hospital might not be sympathetic if she was absent from work again.  As she left me that day, I encouraged her to do her Hand Symbols to enable her to make a creative decision. 

Later on that evening, I got a telephone call from the woman in an delighted state. She informed me that following her admission to hospital she was sitting up in bed, calm and relaxed doing her Hand Symbols, when her surgeon peeped in the door of her room and observed her serenity. He enquired about her back pain and mobility and following a check up, he discharged her. 

The woman’s attitude had changed and her Consultant advised her to keep up whatever she was doing. He often met her in the hospital corridors during her working day, commenting on how well she was doing. Her back remains symptom free to this day, so much so, that she had forgotten she had a back problem. Recalling her past success with Metamorphosis gave her the impetus to get on with morphing her latest challenge.

Remember, Meta is a creative way of life that in practice, identifies and erases the block or the source of the symptom. A symptom is a manifestation of a block/Unconscious stress. Surgery is to do with the symptom, Metamorphosis is to do with the source. 

*The balance of Afference and Efference is the healing factor. Check out The Principle of Metamorphosis on