Sleep Problems

I have many examples of people with sleep problems who were successful with Meta but one woman stands out. She had been diagnosed with insomnia about a year before she made a Meta appointment, having difficulty getting to sleep and waking up many times at night. She had given up coffee, started yoga, tried many remedies and had finally resorted to prescribed sleeping tablets months before she heard of Metamorphosis from a friend.

When all failed and in desperation, she arrived for her introduction to Meta informing me of her chronic sleep deprivation. Following her anxious and restless nights she suffered daytime fatigue, irritability with her family, inability to work and spent undue time worrying about sleeping. 

At the first treatment the woman was sceptical and was relieved to know that Metamorphosis did not require belief. She was responsive to the treatment and willing to learn the Hand Symbols. I recommended she do them often especially in bed. She returned the following week with more enthusiasm informing me that her sleep remained poor but was more relaxed in bed doing her Hand Symbols and had more daytime energy. Following a few more treatments, she was reducing her sleeping tablets and was open to learn how to do the treatment for herself. She introduced Meta to her family who were interested because she had become less irritable, - the positive ripple effect of Metamorphosis.

As time passed the chat during her treatments changed from worrying about sleep to a return to hobbies and part time work. As we had not discussed her sleep for some time, one day I asked her, how is your sleep?….. she hesitated with a puzzled expression, “oh Margaret, I have forgotten I could not sleep. Wow - not only does the problem disappear with Meta but the memory of the problem disappears”

When the block is erased the symptoms and their memory cease to exist.

It is important to remember that Metamorphosis is a way of life that allows the individual to take responsibility for the sleep disturbance (block). The Hand Symbols are a positive habit to do any time of the day or night and before rising in the morning. You give yourself the opportunity to drift into sleep in the moment, not allowing stress or anxiety (conscious or unconscious) to disturb your night, ensuring you have a restful sleep to wake up with a positive attitude.