The Head/Sinuses

At the present time, as we observe the collapse of the structures and natural disasters such as the extreme climate conditions and human disturbances around the world, I recall Robert St John saying in the 1990’s that it will be imperative to be creative leading up to 2020. This is necessary to avoid the collapse of the mind and diseases of the body. Unconscious stress/blocks are the the source of all disturbances in human life. Disturbance is manifested in disease and negative behaviour. The most intense disturbances are expressed in compulsive physical and sexual violence, murders, wars etc. Metamorphosis releases unconscious stress and effects fundamental creative change.

There has been an obvious shift in Consciousness over many decades and immensely evident since 2012. From the Metamorphosis point of view Afference is now in a position of authority activating the flow of consciousness. Efference in its failure to respond is reacting and ceasing to retain its control and power. Until Efference moves into response it will be a daily moment by moment challenge to be creative.

Treatment of the head and sinuses creates true stability of mind and an ability to be a creative thinker. An independence of mind is awakened with Metamorphosis, free of the control of the structures. The chaos of the past is brought to the surface to be morphed.

The head is the illumination of consciousness through the pineal and pituitary and the sinuses communicate that light of life. The sinuses are rooms of particular attitudes of minds which have an association with the senses.

The Sphenoidal Sinus - the only single sinus, it is the central sinus which has communication with all the other sinuses.

The Frontal Sinuses - are located above the eyebrows and have an association with the sense of sight.

The Ethmoidal Sinuses - are located between the nose and the eyes and have an association with the sense of smell.

The Antrums/Maxillary Sinuses - are located on either side of the nose and have an association with the sense of taste.

The Mastoid sinuses - are located behind the ears and have an association with the sense of hearing. 

Robert St John’s quote - “The sinuses are to the mind what the lungs are to the body”

Attention to the head and sinuses in treatment illuminates creative communication in the mind. The more we release blocks (morph) the more this communication illuminates through the body to activate spontaneous creative function - Afference creating Efference in the moment, (The Creation Theme).