In the Irish Times newspaper editorial on February 10th 2014, the editor wrote an article about cancer entitled “Combating cancer”. The article included, “In 2012 there were 14.1 million new cases worldwide. Some 30,000 new cases of cancer are diagnosed in Ireland annually. While acknowledging many recent treatment advances, we cannot treat our way out of the cancer problem. Prevention is the key issue”.

The person with anxiety about developing cancer because of a family history, or the person with the disease comes to the Meta practitioner with the idea of making changes. The communication in the treatment between the person and the practitioner is largely an unconscious process. The treatment awakens the ability within to create a different pattern to that pattern which is the source of the cancer. The ongoing practise of the Hand Symbols creates a process of erasing the disturbed unconscious memory which has a positive effect of releasing stress. The person open to the idea of self-healing takes the responsibility with the practise of Metamorphosis to create balance and inner calm. This alleviates stress and anxiety and is conducive to natural healing. 

In my experience of being a catalyst for many people suffering from cancer over the years, I have observed their ability to cope with the disease creatively while maintaining their balance. I have also supported many people who endured the ill effects of chemotherapy with strength and a positive attitude.

In conclusion, I would like to share an experience I had with a woman who attended for regular treatments following surgery for breast cancer. When I first met her she was very anxious, enduring intensive chemotherapy treatment. As she progressed with her Meta practise and attended my practice regularly, she maintained her strength when she was most vulnerable. She did her Hand Symbols before, during and after the chemotherapy and both herself and the medical staff were pleased with her positive attitude and strength of mind. When the woman had her final check up with her Oncologist five years post her treatment, she said to him, “there is nothing in me now that could create cancer again, I live in the moment”. He agreed saying, “I don’t expect to see you back again”. He had observed her change of attitude a few years earlier, enquiring what she was doing. She informed him about Metamorphosis and he became open minded to the idea, as she was a very good example of positive change. Metamorphosis is more about creation rather than prevention, but as the old saying goes, “Prevention is better then cure”.