Fear And Anxiety

Fear is a major block which inhibits natural function and creativity. The state of anxiety creates retreat and isolation, which effects freedom and quality of life. The moments of fear can become moments of creativity with the practise of Metamorphosis.

A woman who attends my practice had an intense fear of flying. She is a frequent air traveller and I encouraged her, as I have many other people with a similar anxiety, to do the Hand Symbols prior to and during flights. She gradually became less anxious while flying and following a flight from Madrid to London some time ago, the woman informed me of her experience.

The flight became very turbulent and she observed many people in states of panic and anxiety all around her. She was seated in an isle seat in the middle of the aircraft and remained calm as she practised the Creation Hand Symbol. The anxious people beside her noticed her ease and enquired what she was doing with her hands. She informed them that she was maintaining her balance with the symbol and encouraged them to do it. The people on the opposite row began to do the symbol as well, when they noticed less panic in the people across the way. She was then nudged from the passengers behind and encouraged them to do the same. The severe turbulence had created panic and desperation and it was desperation that alerted the passengers to do the Symbol.

When the Aeroplane landed safely the people she had shared the Creation Hand Symbol with expressed their appreciation, “muchas gracias Señora by the spanish and thank you so much by the english speakers” as they departed the aircraft.

When the woman returned for her next Metamorphosis appointment she said, “I did not realise until the turbulent flight how much fear I have released, now I am as relaxed in the air as I am on land, it’s all about living in the moment”.

In conclusion, remember to practise the Hand Symbols in moments of fear and anxiety. The following is a quote by Robert St John - “Living in the moment releases anxiety and the future becomes a creation”.