Infertility And Meta

One of the most heart-warming experiences in my practice of Meta is when a woman with infertility problems arrives for a treatment, informing me that she is pregnant. I observe joy and relief instead of disappointment and anxiety. The overwhelming desire to have a baby can consume the life of a couple, creating much stress. This in turn can disturb their relationship and careers, increasing anxiety. The prospect of conceiving a baby is limited under the stress.

 The Meta treatment pays attention to the source of the problem and the practise of the Hand Symbols creates balance and stability. Balance is the key to living in the moment. “Living in the moment releases anxiety and the future becomes a creation” (Robert St John)

Over the years in my Meta practice I have been a catalyst to many women and couples who have decided to go either the natural or IVF routes. The creative outcome is joy of pregnancy or acceptance of infertility. The following article written by Paula, kindly shares her experience with Meta and IVF.

Paula’s story

 "My introduction to Metamorphosis was about 11 or 12 years ago when I heard about it through a friend of mine who had been for a few treatments.  At the time my husband and I had been trying to have a baby and we had just started the usual route of initial tests with our gp, who after a while referred us to a fertility doctor, there was lots of talk of laparoscopy’s and investigations etc etc.  I was terrified.  There was something in the back of my mind which made me feel too anxious about everything.  This was too stressful for me.  Trying to conceive was consuming me.  It was all I thought about.

 After first meeting Margaret I knew that meta was for me.  I was always a person of instinct and do a lot of things by my ‘gut’.  It is just the way I am but I never really probed why I was wired this way.  Why did I unconsciously agree or disagree with things? Margaret and I spoke and still do speak a lot about the unconscious mind and how it effects our thoughts and how it can create stresses and blocks in our physical being.

I continued with my meta and my hand symbols as I found comfort.  I stopped feeling sad for my husband and I and our struggle to have a baby.  After a laparoscopy I was diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis.  Not a good thing when I was trying to conceive. We were to take the IVF route.

 We embarked on a course of IVF and while it was very difficult not knowing what the outcome would be I did my hand symbols and kept myself in the moment and dealt with each step as it came. My meta treatments and my hand symbols kept me balanced as I went through the medical experiment that is IVF.  Living in the moment I did my injections and inhalers. I did my scans to see how my ovaries were growing. We waited for results we wondered about the outcome. There were days when I felt I did not want to be in this (IVF) moment but with meta got through those days.  I created a balance and creativity. Eventually, I stopped worrying about the doctors and their medical ways.  I had a ‘what will be will be’ attitude. With meta and hand symbols I didn’t worry about the past or the future just concentrated on what was being done.  The outcome was my first pregnancy and my first baby boy.

My second round of IVF a year after Conor was born was not a successful one.  Again my attitude of mind was to carry on and concentrate on the here and now.  My meta treatments and hand symbols created balance and cleared the blocks and stresses. My third round of IVF was a few months after this.  I was pregnant once again, with twins.  We now have three wonderful happy metamosphosis children. 

Meta is part of our busy daily lives.  The children know if they have worries or upsets to do some hand symbols to help themselves.  I give them meta treatments regularly. My hand symbols and meta treatments help me with the pain and cronic fatique of endometriosis.  With meta the preconceived patterns are changing and easing.  I have found that my attitude to life has changed for the better.  As I live in the moment things fall into place."


I very much appreciate your lovely article Paula. It will inspire people in similar circumstances to take responsibility for the imbalance causing their infertility. Paula’s original desire when she first came to Meta was to conceive a baby, now Meta has become the creative way of life for all her family.

Whatever you decide to do about infertility, go the natural route or with IVF, practise Meta and do the Hand Symbols to help you cope with the challenge and be creative with the outcome.