Obesity / Compulsive Behaviour

Obesity is a world wide problem, which is a major limitation to confidence and creative living.! 

A woman in her early 40’s who was overweight for many years, decided to give Metamorphosis a go. She observed positive change in a friend practising Meta, who had a similar ‘block’. When I first met the woman in my practice she was lethargic, struggling with diets and exercise, followed by excessive eating and a sedentary lifestyle. The pattern went on repeating itself until, with the practise of Meta, she began the journey of “responsibility” for the ‘imbalance’ or block which was the source of her compulsion. She informed me that her mother and grandmother had lived with a similar struggle and she wished to stop the cycle, being concerned that two of her three young children were showing signs of obesity. 

The woman’s progress was slow at the beginning, as on occasions she arrived for Meta treatments having forgotten to practise her Hand Symbols. She had succumbed to the habit of excessive eating and lethargy. However, the times she chose to practise the Hand Symbols she observed that she was more in the “moment” and in “action” instead of sitting on the couch indulging. The positive new habit was beginning to replace the old blocked state. Within a few months the woman was graduating from regular walks to cycling to work daily. She was pleased to be engaging in exercise while saving parking money. 

The woman’s enthusiasm for Meta grew as her energy and confidence increased, she decided to attend my seminars to gain more understanding of Metamorphosis. The whole family dynamics began to change, as she did Meta treatments with her husband and children and encouraged them to do the Hand Symbols. The children were watching less TV and the home was becoming more alive with discussions of their next cycle adventure at the weekends. The fast food take outs becoming a thing of the past, as she had the energy and desire to cook and eat healthy food. 

Remember that all compulsive behaviour whether it be obesity, anorexia, bulimia,  alcohol, drug addiction, etc are an imbalance which can be addressed creatively with Meta. Robert St John observed that the balance of Afference and Efference creates “natural energy”, in which Afference flows through without hindrance into the action of life. It has been my experience in practice, that the people with compulsions and addictions who do Meta as a way of life, cease the repeated patterns of behaviour by their own creation, rather then discipline.

The pattern of obesity in the woman’s family  was a repeated pattern out of the past. The many therapies she sought in the past, encouraged discipline and diets, which Meta obviates. Metamorphosis gave the woman the opportunity to be creative and take responsibility for her own behaviour and as she began the change of pattern in herself, so began the positive fundamental change in all her family.

The change with Metamorphosis is fundamental and therefore permanent. If you wish to be free of the struggle and discipline of diets etc, practise Meta.