The Fear Of Death

Robert St John spoke about death and dying at a seminar in Dublin, on the week prior to his death, in October 1996. He said that “the majority of people fear death, as death is unknown and unknowable, it is an end and people do not like the end”. He had no fear of death and in a light-hearted way, said that he wished to be in his boots and on the move when his time came to die, but he did not wish to be standing as it would be undignified to fall. Robert was then an elderly man of 83 years with the energy and enthusiasm of a young man, about to embark on a new life in Italy. Less then a week following the seminar, Robert passed away suddenly after his arrival in northern Italy. He was on the move, in his boots and I was relieved to hear, he was not standing at the time of his death.!

I have been frequently asked by the relatives of elderly people in Nursing Homes to introduce Meta to their relatives suffering from anxiety and disease. One day, I got a call from a nun who was in charge of a ward in a local Nursing Home. She did not understand Metamorphosis, but had seen positive change in the patients I had treated there. She observed the Meta patients were less demanding and more at ease as they practised the Hand Symbols. She made an appointment for a very anxious woman, who was reacting negatively to prescribed medication.

I arrived to her ward at the appointed time and the nun introduced me to a 92 year old woman, who was crying out fearful prayers. It was disturbing to the other patients and staff on the ward. The nun said that the only break they got from her cries of fear of god and death, was when she was heavily medicated. When awake, the anxious praying would commence again.

The woman was very open and receptive to the treatment and gradually calmed down and expressed much appreciation at the finish. I thought her the Hand Symbols and she asked me to come again soon. Before leaving the ward, I spoke to the nun about the Hand Symbols and recommended that she do them regularly with the woman, especially when she was disturbed in prayer. The nun had limited understanding, but had enthusiasm, due to the positive effect she observed in the other Meta patients. She was willing to be a catalyst to help the woman to be at ease.

I returned to do weekly treatments at the woman’s request, who was gradually becoming more at ease and praying with less fear. The nun did the Hand Symbols with her every night and reminded her to do them during the day, whenever she became anxious. One day, the woman remained calm for an entire treatment and before leaving the ward, I went to the nurses station to inform the nun that she had not prayed. She replied saying “hallelujah, I won’t mind if the woman never prays again. Being a nun, that should not be my wish, but I wish her to be free of the fear of god and death”.

The nun got her wish as the woman became more serene, beginning to pray gently as in a sing-song. She was more cheerful when I arrived to give her Meta treatments and her pattern of life became more pleasant and relaxed. One Saturday morning, about a month after the woman’s 95th birthday, I got a telephone call from the nun informing me that, “our beautiful friend had passed away peacefully, while doing her Meta Symbols. I have cared for many dying people in my career, she said, but none as calm as our dear friend was at the end. Thanks to Metamorphosis”.

In my experience over the years, I have observed the freedom from fear that comes with the practise of Meta. This is created by transmuting the stresses and anxieties accumulated from the past. Then we can experience the joy of creative living and ultimately, dying in the “moment”.