Creation Hand Symbol creates the balance of afference and efference. It brings in the moment of the present, this eliminates the past and the future and with this elimination goes our attachment to the past where all our stresses and blocks exist. 

Creation Hand Symbol II creates identification with the principle of oneness which is an indigenous knowledge within us. This hand symbol enables us to be less identified with the idea of separation. An identification with the separation of afference and efference produces compulsion. An identification with the oneness principle produces spontaneity. Afference creates efference.

Crossed Fingers is the attitude of the the pineal which is non-structure. It is a vessel of reception and is the first moment of experience in our lives of the wholeness of consciousness. This Hand symbol is concerned with an attitude change in the subject to the effects of the past.

Tipped Fingers is a symbol for the pituitary. The pituitary is the afferent intellect. The brain is the efferent intellect. The intermediary function of the pituitary supplies the way in which the subject will be capable of receiving the afferent awareness and blending it with the efferent data mindedness.

Conception Hand Symbol relates to the beginning when the genes arrive through the sperm and the ovum and the thought patterns out of the past arrive through the pineal and pituitary. With the practice of conception points we become less identified with the negative unconscious memory which was registered at conception.

Cupped Hands treats only the afferent aspect and in doing so “induces” a change in the efferent pattern. In Metamorphosis a detailed knowledge of the past is not necessary only to release it and free the life of the subject from these influences.

The Spire Hand Symbol is concerned with the causative events which produce the thought patterns to which the subject has attachment. The spire and cupped hands are concerned with the effect of the past on this life.