The Metamorphosis Treatment

Margaret paying attention to the head in treatment.

Margaret paying attention to the head in treatment.

Robert St. John discovered that Metamorphosis was not a therapy but a fundamental method of enabling the subject to find within him/herself the source of their own strength and to be able to put things right. This correction is made by the subject and the practitioner is a catalyst in the process.

The treatment can be directed to the spinal reflexes of the feet, hands, head or the spine itself.

When we pay attention to the head in the metamorphosis treatment, the aim is to erase those influences which inhibit the ability to think creatively.

The treatment of the hands enables us to handle life creatively and practically.

The treatment of the feet erases those influences which inhibit the ability to take creative action.

The spine is a direct approach as the manifestation of “blocks” is in the spine.

Metamorphosis is based on thought, we use the symbols which are physical, but the principle is that of thought.

Thought is all that is necessary for the the subject to be able to change or transmute the nature of his/her stress patterns/blocks.

 As we become less identified with our blocks we“morph” our symptoms and create a healthier way of living.

With the practice of Metamorphosis we create a positive attitude of mind and a sense of freedom in our own healing.


The Head: Paying attention with perception to the centre of the head from the hairline to the nape of the neck as highlighted in the diagram. Then around the back of the ears and the base of the skull into the nape of the neck. 

In times of stress (imbalance) place the hand on or above the crown of the head (awareness).


The Feet: Paying attention with perception to the spinal reflexes along the bone outlined in the diagram. Commencing at the top of the big toe on the outer corner of the nail, down the side of the bone to the ankle and back to the achilles tendon. Continue across the top of the foot from the inner ankle bone to the outer ankle bone.

Treat both feet.


The Hands: Paying attention with perception to the boney edge (spinal relexes) at the outer side of the thumb. Commencing from the  top corner of the nail down to the wrist, and then around the top of the hand to the outer wrist.

Treat both hands.


The Spine: The manifestation of blocks are in the spine and spinal reflexes of the head, hands and feet. The blocks can be mental, physical, emotional or behavioural. They create tension and stress and are the source of the symptoms. The flow of consciousness from Awareness to Action is disturbed and inhibited by the blocks and the aim of Metamorphosis is to transmute them and be permanently free of the symptoms.

The Spine treatment:  Paying attention with perception to the spine, commencing at the top cervical vertebra (Awareness) and continue to Concept, Idea, Thought, Form, Creation to the coccyx at the lower tip of the spine (Action).