Frequency of Metamorphosis Treatment

The result of a treatment lasts as long as it lasts, there is no rule. When you eat something, your hunger may go or you may still be hungry. A treatment is like a meal, it satisfies a need, a hunger.

If you have not eaten for a long time your ability to digest is small, if you eat often and well your constitution gets used to this frequency.

There are two conditions in treatments, the person giving the treatment and the person receiving it. Just as in the cooking a meal, a love of what you are doing is important to the result.

To really feel a love of giving treatments opens up a flow of energy towards the patient/student and patient/student feels it. If the student enjoys the treatment and feels at ease with the practitioner the reception of the treatment is good. One good treatment on these lines is worth ten inferior treatments.

The practitioners knowledge of both the administration of the treatment, and of the way stresses and strains are expressed in the reflexes are of paramount importance because the capacity of the practitioner in being able to treat successfully is in this knowledge.

Obviously, when a student has consulted a practitioner of Metamorphosis on a matter of specific symptoms, there is a motive, but the object of Metamorphosis is not the symptom but the attitude of mind towards life in general, it is in such a situation that a very full knowledge of the principles of Metamorphosis enables one to approach the matter creatively.

Robert St. John.