The Principle of Metamorphosis

The Principle of Metamorphosis is Afference and Efference. 

Afference is the “principle of life” consciousness

Efference is the “structure” the physical body

To be alive we have both Afference and Efference. to function creatively we need a balance of both. Metamorphosis is about finding the balance.

The person orientated towards Afference thinks first and acts later if they act at all (retreative attitude). The person orientated towards Efference acts first and thinks later if they think at all.  (extrovertive attitude).

The greater the degree of orientation towards Afference or Efference the more extreme the tension.

All illness and disease is related to the imbalance of Afference and Efference.

Metamorphosis is about approaching the fundamental core of the imbalance.

When you create balance with Metamorphosis you change to a more positive attitude of mind and the symptoms begin to disappear.