Animals And Metamorphosis

My Metamorphosis experience with animals has been mainly treating dogs and to a lesser extent horses. Animals respond very well to Meta treatment and are generally enthusiastic to come back for more. Visiting a friend one morning for coffee, her labrador dog Max was lying low as there had been a thunder storm the previous night. He was a sensitive dog and had always reacted anxiously to thunder. My friend asked me to give Max a treatment. He was receptive to the attention and responded well, coming out of his retreat and wandering into the garden. My coffee visits following that always included a treatment. The dog warmly welcoming me with his wagging tail, positioning himself beside my chair so I could treat his spine. My friend reported to me that all the family noticed that he became less disturbed by sudden loud noise and was no longer retreating anxiously under the stairs at the sound of thunder. 

Another lovely dog I treated was Buddy, a fox terrier. His owner was very upset one morning when she was having a treatment. The family had made a decision to ask the vet to put him to sleep. Buddy was then fourteen years old suffering from arthritis, diabetes and poor eye sight. It had been months since her beloved dog had been upstairs, waiting outside her bedroom door in the mornings to greet her. She wished he would pass away naturally rather then have to be put down. At the woman’s request, I went to her house that afternoon to treat Buddy. He was very weak lying on the couch. When I finished treating his spine he was barely breathing. Then I left him to do whatever would come naturally for him - living or dying.! The following morning the woman telephoned to say that her Buddy had managed to climb the stairs like old times and was outside her bedroom door waiting for her. He lived for a few weeks and then  passed away naturally and peacefully.   

I was introduced to Zoe, a nervous maltese dog, when her concerned owner brought her along for a treatment. Unlike her maltese brother Harvey who was confident and decisive, Zoe was anxious about everything including passing traffic when on their daily walk. She moved with hesitancy as her sibling walked confidently along. She was also fearful of the family cat who regularly intimidated her. Following the treatment the owner informed me that when they arrived home, Zoe ran after the cat in the garden and that was the end of the cat’s domination. The dog was happy to come back for a couple of treatments and became more at ease in traffic and  naturally authoritative with other animals.

The quality of life of your animal can be improved in a short time with Metamorphosis. Their simplicity of mind and receptive nature is ideal for a creative response to a treatment. Just like humans, Meta gives the animal freedom to enjoy the “moment”.