Robert Inspired Creativity

 When I first encountered Robert St John and attended his seminars back in the early 90’s, I was aware I was in the company of a unique creator. Robert’s independent mind, his inner authority and natural energy awakened my mind to his philosophy and practice of Metamorphosis.

 It was about 22 years ago and as we listened at his seminars with limited understanding of Meta. Robert would say as he looked around at the attendees, “don’t believe a word I say, take it with a pinch of salt, but practice Metamorphosis and find out for yourselves, the proof of the pudding is in the eating”. There was no manipulation or trying to convince us.

He encouraged us, his students, to think for ourselves engaging our own observation on the subject saying, “don’t just say what I say but get to know Metamorphosis from your own inner reasoning”.

 In that time of conformity and rules, Robert inspired creativity with Meta, which un-trains the discipline of the conscious mind and re-educates the unconscious mind. It releases us from the effects of the past and the anxiety of the future and gives us the opportunity to live in the present ‘moment’. I wrote the following poem early this year entitled, ‘Now – The Moment’.

Meta Poem 2014

Now – The moment

 Margaret Boland 

It is the time for living, not despairing

It is the time for creating, not repeating

It is the time for knowing, not believing

It is the time for being, not fearing

It is the time for enjoying, not enduring 


This is the time for spontaneity, being, creating

Now – The moment

The new ‘Moment Hand Symbol’ below was observed by a student of Meta in late 2013. Try it for yourselves and feel free to communicate your observations on the Hand Symbol. Many people include this Symbol now in their everyday practise with very positive response.